As tourism is dominated by the service sector in Croatia, the authorities pay special attention to weekend evenings and gambling. Online Gambling industry in Croatia is legal in countrie. Games for teens (under 18). Only table games are allowed in the casino. The Croatian company Hrvatska Lutrija is the largest in the Croatian casino market.

The service sector in Croatia, a country with a large gaming industry, is dominated by tourism. The local gaming industry continues to grow, especially in terms of brands. According to Fine (Croatian financial institution, electronics and financial services company), 2017 was the highest gambling revenue in ten years. The game earned $ 3.2 billion. DRY or about CZK 430 million. EUR.

There are many rules for free play in Croatia. Thanks to the rules of the game, you can play both online and offline. People over the age of 18 can take part in various games of chance (casinos, poker, lotteries, sports games).

Some table games, including poker, are only allowed in the casino. Casino, bingo, sports, lottery Games Keno is organized by the state-owned company Hrvatska Lutrija (Croatian lottery). The Croatian lottery originally hosted various games of chance. Today, Lutry Croatia offers an increasing selection of lotteries, betting, slot machines and games of chance. Private service providers can offer services to Croatian players and open online casinos in Croatia.

Gambling rules

The Gambling Act, which entered into force in 2015, in agreement with the European Commission on 1 January 2006, sets out the rules for gambling in Croatia. All gaming activities in Croatia are funded by the Ministry of Finance.

According to the rules of the game, games in Croatia are divided into four groups: casinos, slot machines, lotteries and betting.

Tourist casino

Slots, table games and poker on this site are legal, but only in licensed casinos in many Croatian cities. Casinos are often associated with hotels or coastal areas. The hotel has several casinos that complement the hotel’s activities.

There are more than ten different casinos in Croatia. Players are often offered traditional games of chance and slot machines. Zagreb is the largest gaming city in Croatia with many players. Other casinos are located mainly in coastal tourist resorts.

In Croatia, the minimum age for playing casino games is 18 years. KTP, local KTP or passport required. Each casino has its own rules and regulations, so we encourage you to find out which casino you choose.

Slot machines

There are more than 150 arcades in Croatia, known as “car clubs”, which operate in many cities across the country. Only older people can take part in the machines, whose age must be justified by the number on the ID card or passport at the request of the organizer. The slot machine pays out at least 80% of the winnings in the game.


The lottery is still the most popular in Croatia. The Croatian lottery, the national lottery, offers millions of games in various lotteries (Bingo, Eurojackpot, Keno, Lottery 6/45, 7/39, Jokes, Lottery 7, Rychlá 35, etc.). . Many popular lotteries have an online version. Many lotteries are sold in kiosks and special lottery halls. There are also lotteries online. The only condition must be age.


In recent years, Croatian fans have invested in sports betting. Different types of games are very popular in Croatia. Private companies have the opportunity to open their games in Croatia.

The first sports betting office in Croatia introduced a new betting system after independence in 1991. Hattrick Sports Group doo After further Croatian games in this system.