Ads on social networks can drive a lot of targeted traffic. This is only required for Facebook gambling ads on more complex websites. Can I recommend customers and take them to a Facebook casino?

Facebook feed

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. It is used regularly by about 2 billion people. A players? Of course yes!

Game rules

Everything is done according to local regulations. This means you can’t advertise in places where gambling is prohibited. Even without permission.

Content restrictions also apply to promotional materials. For example, you can promote a non-profit or non-profit organization. These conversations often work better.

Casino traffic from Facebook

Your business may not always have access to the page where you want your ad to appear. However, there is a possibility. Everyone is thinking about how to market “safe” products. These visitors are then redirected to the game page.

Advertising program

Adventure games. You can easily create your favorite games on Facebook – Puzzle, Match 3, Hasbro and more. You can also market games in this application. Obviously, conversions are worse than real-time betting ads. But the sensor doesn’t matter.

The most effective way to advertise on mobile apps is to display offers through integrated web browsing.

Just select the Facebook app, app settings, and game name from Google Play or the App Store.

Advertising site

The conditions are the same. Ads on the perfect page. Once you’ve launched your campaign, you’ll start running active ads for your users.

I am not alone. Check your opinion about games on Facebook, don’t be afraid to experiment with ideas in general.

Massfollowing and massliking

Ideal for adding points to your friends. It is now very easy to wash. The same applies to authorization.

What if your Facebook accounts are blocked?

You have to pay more. Use your unique ID, email address, and phone number to register. You can see the Facebook proxy in various forums. You can also find the prepared reports here. Note that these accounts may have been disabled in the past.


If you experiment a lot and try to integrate your ads in different ways, you can get traffic from Facebook. Over time, you can create a business plan to help you increase traffic to your online casino. Good luck!