A new independent study revealed that the iGaming company saw a significant increase in fraudulent takeover attempts last year due to higher payment levels and promotional fraud attacks.

This is the latest study from Ravelin Technology Limited, a software developed to detect hacker casino and online payments, according to a report released Wednesday by Gambling Insider. According to the Innovator study in London and New York, 1,000 fraud and payment experts working in online stores in 11 states were asked to identify the biggest illegal threats.

Great results:

According to the survey, 72% of respondents believe consideration is one of the three biggest fears of fraud today, while 29% said these activities were their biggest concern. It is claimed that around 52% of surveyed iGaming companies show a significant increase in cheaters trying to steal money by gaining illegal access to player accounts.

Failure to log in:

However, a study by Ravelin Technology Ltd found that only 64% of the iGaming companies surveyed responded to this increased risk by finding a way to constantly monitor changes in their email accounts. The analysis also found that only 52% of these companies regularly monitor login attempts and only 48% change passwords.

Important tips:

Martin O’Read, Chief Information Officer of Ravelin Technology Limited, recommends that companies be aware of the risks of such fraud and implement systems and precautions to better monitor potential fraud.

Read O’Reyd’s alleged statement …

“Accounting is very important to retailers, consumers and banks. Because it is hard to blame. Retailers must therefore be able to use their data to make sensible decisions and temporarily close or freeze contractual accounts before cybercriminals give false. buying opportunities.